Review: Is Binary Strategy A Scam Software?

I’ve got a major exclusive that every binary options trader needs to hear about today, the release of Binary Strategy. This is a new binary options software with multiple strategies providing expert signals for the 15 minute expiry time.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been excited about a new product, and to say I’m excited about this one would be putting it lightly. Thanks to this website, and some of the relationships it has afforded me, I’ve been able to get early access. In doing so, I’ve been trading with the limited edition package signals, and putting up some very impressive numbers.

Binary Strategy Review

The first thing I noticed about the binary strategy software, is that it looks very similar to other systems (Binary Today 5, Binary IQ) I’ve used in the past. In questioning the support team about this, they did inform me that binary strategy is in fact using the most expensive and decorated development team in the binary options market. For obvious reasons, this is a very good sign.

Another element that I appreciate greatly, is the dual strategy aspect of the system. Instead of selling us 2 different products, they packaged it together and made it very easy to switch between the different strategies that they offer.

  • Spirit
  • Valor

The spirit strategy is going to be the most popular to because it provides the most amount of signals. The valor strategy is your perfect approach to the trading market. So as you can tell, I like both of them, but for very different reasons. I appreciate the frequency of signals from the spirit software because it keeps me busy throughout the day. Whereas the valor strategy provides very few signals but they are so accurate that I will generally increase the size of my trade whenever it’s a valor signal. Valor is the type of approach that allows you to close your eyes water placing the trades and have no worries at all.

Binary Strategy Outlined

So, how does it work? Binary strategy probably works a lot easier than you would think. As an older man, I’m not very talented when it comes to computing or computers in general. I didn’t even put this website together myself, I had one of my nieces do it for me. That aside, I decided that I would access the members area and install the software by myself.

After 25 minutes I had the entire system set up, and within 45 minutes I received a signal, place the trade, and one that trade.

Now that I knew it was easy to set up, I decided to follow along with their email setup guide, and their text message setup guide so that I can now receive signals in my email and on my phone. Personally, I like to trade on my computer because that’s where I feel most comfortable, so I just turn the volume up on my speakers and when I hear the Bell ring I walk over and I check out the signal.

The bottom line is, if an old old like me can use the strategy, so can you.

Ray Douglas Results

At this point I imagine you want to know if I’ve been having success or not using the signals. Based on my Binary Strategy review so far, you probably already know that I have.

Currently, I’m sitting at 72% with Spirit signals and 86% with Valor signals.

On the website, you can see that the vendor provides us with daily trade updates, and they’ve even done long-term back testing to see how the software performed all the way back to 2015. They’ve use this data to project future winnings and believe that by 2018 they’ll be able to reach and in the money ratio of 80%.

My Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Binary options trading isn’t easy, and that’s probably why you read my blog. It’s definitely why I write this blog. Yet, today binary options trading has gotten a little bit easier with the introduction of the Binary Strategy.

In a roundabout way, this system has changed the way that I look at binary options, and it’s changed the way that I trade binary options on a daily basis. I hope that my review today pushes you in the right direction. I’m sure you’ll hear more soon, I know Binary Today has a live trade video that’s going to be released, and I’ll add that to this review when it’s out.

I asked support for a coupon to give to you my faithful readers, and they obliged with a big 20% discount.

20% OFF


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  1. Love this software.

    Thanks for the review.

    If you haven’t bought it yet, guys, try it out. If you are low risk use only Valor signals, you’ll get 80% without doing any other work.

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