Review: Is Binary IQ A Scam Software?

Today I’m looking at Binary IQ, a new binary options signal service providing 5 minute and 30 minute expiry time trades. This software is getting a lot of good praise throughout the internet so I figured I would take a closer look to see what it’s all about.

This product provides traders with high quality trade opportunities that they will manually place with their binary options brokers. It comes with a detailed strategy, and a whole bunch of new innovations that I’ll walk you through in this review.

How It Works

There’s a lot that I like about the Binary IQ product. First, I’m a really big fan of the fact that they don’t require a broker sign-up to gain access. I feel like we all have more than enough binary options broker accounts but we keep getting pushed to sign up with new broker after new broker. With this service, you can use any broker you want, including brokers you already use!

Now that I got that out of the way, lets take a closer look at the specifics of how it works. It’s very simple, you receive a signal on your computer, your phone or your e-mail telling you the exact trade and then you login to your broker or broker app and place the trade.

Example: GBPUSD CALL(BUY) 30M Expiry.


This is very direct. You know the asset to place the trade on, whether it’s a put or call and the exact expiry to place. So, you really don’t have to do any guesswork yourself. The only thing that I do when I receive a signal is check the on chart arrows for STOCH, RSI, EntryCCI and TrendCCI. If the arrows are in the same direction as the trade I’m receiving, then I place the trade. If the arrows disagree, then I don’t place the trade. This helps me feel involved in the strategy, and keeps me sharp. It also helps me understand how Binary IQ sends signals and which signals I should be more patient with.

Binary IQ Results & Testing

One of the reasons I signed up with Binary IQ in the first place was because they do much more analysis and testing than anyone else in this market. Most binary options products don’t provide results at all. Yet, IQ provides backtests, forward tests and live trades. This is the trifecta as far as I’m concerned and it gives me a ton of confidence in the services.

They tell us what pairs work best, what months work best and show us a progression of the strategy over a 7 year span.

I couldn’t name you another binary options product that even comes close to this in depth level of research and development.


I give my full support to Binary IQ and thank the community at Binary Today for bringing it to my attention. This is a wonderful trading product, and I have been winning 80% of my trades since I started using it. The 5 minute trades are frequent, so you always have trade opportunities. The 30 minute trades are less frequent but they are incredibly accurate. I actually haven’t lost a single 30 minute expiry trade yet.

So, that’s all I’ve got, what do you think? Scam or not?

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8 thoughts on “Review: Is Binary IQ A Scam Software?

  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve been following your site since you put it up a few months ago, and I’m really happy that I have.

    I signed up with IQ, and I’ve been putting together a lot of great trades.

    10/10 – 100%

  2. I love Binary IQ.

    Every trade that pops up make sense, and I like that it rings a bell on my computer when trades come so I don’t have to sit around waiting.

  3. Great review. I agree with everything you have to say and feel very similar to you about the IQ software.

  4. Please sir, are the any recommended settings you use in your binary IQ, on like using the Low risk option etc.. or do you just use default settings?? for the 5M and 30M signals, why I really ask this is because you said here that, The 30 minute trades are less frequent but they are incredibly accurate. I actually haven’t lost a single 30 minute expiry trade yet.

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