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It’s not often you find someone online that you can trust, or in real life for that matter.

There are so many snakes, and very few self-proclaimed traders that even trade in the binary options market. It’s crazy how many affiliate marketers I’ve come across in binary options. So many of them review product after product, or broker after broker, without ever placing a single trade.

John Kane is Different

This is what sets John Kane, and Binary Today apart from the rest of the community. He actually knows how to trade, and trades on his own. He provides videos showing traders his live trades, and explains how you can take advantage of the same methods and strategies that he uses. I really appreciate this type of transparency, because I don’t want to be told that something works, I want to see it with my own eyes.

After watching John demonstrate Binary Today 5, and Binary IQ, I decided to buy them both. I knew that after watching him receive signals, and place trades that the process was easy enough for an average trader like myself to handle.

My results with these two systems continues to be extremely impressive.

My Trading Results

I am a huge fan of both Binary IQ and Binary Today 5. I feel as if they are the perfect complimentary systems. When one isn’t providing enough signals, the other steps in.

Not that you should always be trading, but it’s nice to have the option, and the opportunities, especially when you are in the mood to pull the trigger.

I’ve used some systems in the past that make me wait hours, sometimes days to get a signal, and that’s not the case this time around.

  • Binary IQ: 77% ITM
  • Binary Today 5: 75% ITM

My in the money rate for both of these signal systems is very reliable. Over the next few months I can see those numbers both hitting 80%+ as I continue to grow as a trader. The consistent feedback I receive from John Kane and the Binary Today community helps me become a better trader on a daily basis. I honestly don’t think I could do any of this without them.

I’ve also noticed that John Kane decided to add a new contributor named Grimes to the stable, and he’s going to be providing a new take on Binary Today strategy. This is very exciting for me because I can’t wait to hear what this new voice has to offer.

If John thinks he’s got what it takes, then I’ll definitely listen.

Trust in John

The bottom line is, you can trust in John. He’s an impressive trader, with a very important track record. He makes over $20K per month in this market when the majority of traders can’t make a dollar. I’ve been able to follow John Kane’s advice on Binary Today and make myself a stable living.

I will continue to trade binary options, and do everything I can to help you and all the readers here at succeed.

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